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Analytics Working Group


  • Kristy Lee, chair, New Paltz
  • Kabel Stanwicks, University at Albany
  • Jaclyn Savolainen, Dutchess
  • Elise Murphy, Onondaga
  • Kathleen O’Brien, University at Buffalo
  • Gail Pawlowski, ex officio, OLIS
  • Joan Cook, Suffolk County Community College


The SUNY Library Consortium Analytics Working Group will:

  • Determine the needs and priorities of SUNY libraries for data analysis relative to resource management (e-resources and print), sharing and discovery
  • Evaluate capabilities of LSP to analyze usage of resources and SUNY-wide collection to inform coordinated collection analysis and development.
  • Evaluate and report on the effectiveness and ease-of-use of Alma’s data analytics functionality, as access to system allows.
  • Develop and recommend best practices for using Alma analytics functionality.
  • Collaborate with the other Working Groups to recommend shared analytics based on the identified needs and priorities.
  • Evaluate Alma’s data sharing platform and recommend configurations in support of data sharing.
  • Investigate existing Community Zone reports and analytics, and recommend those to be used in the SLC Network Zone.
  • Identify potential gaps where Alma’s interface cannot meet identified needs and priorities, and seek supplemental resources as needed.
  • Assess the need for support and training to ensure the application of best practices and effective use of available analytics.
    • Collaborate with the Training Working Group to develop and implement training to meet those needs.
  • Develop a common list of desired analysis/reports that may be difficult for campuses to create until there is distributed expertise amongst campuses in Alma analytics.
  • Identify data points to be gathered from previous systems that will be useful for future analytics and determine best way to capture for future use.
    • Develop best practices for creating/capturing data for historical analysis.

Last Updated January 2018