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Basecamp - Brief User Manual

The basics of working in and with Basecamp for SUNY work.

Basecamp Vocabulary

Basecamp is a project management workspace accessible to anyone at the SUNY Library Consortium. It helps keep all the relevant information about a project or a team effort in one place.

SUNY/SLC Headquarters (HQ) is a place for SUNY-wide communication and information. Messages here reach everyone at SUNY who's participating in Basecamp.

Teams are where people in similar roles share things with each other and stay coordinated, such as the Project Management Team and Training Team. Communication within these teams reach only the team members.

Projects are places to coordinate every aspect of a specific project, including task lists, shared files, discussion boards, and more.


To review: HQ is for everyone, teams are groups of people, and projects are groups of work.

Basecamp Navigation and Search

Along the top are navigation for your account in Basecamp.

Basecamp top navigation

Home: Your account home page. This includes SUNY/SLC HQ, and also any other Projects or Teams you have been added to.

Pings: Personal messages sent through Basecamp to you from other SUNY staff.

Hey!: Message Board or Campfire notifications, including any comment threads that you've subscribed to.

Activity: Any activity in Basecamp; you can see all of it or just what a particular person has posted publicly.

My Stuff: Mostly used for Project or Team work; helps you see assignments, to-dos, schedule, etc.

Find: Search Basecamp for people, posts, documents, and more.

basecamp searchSearch in Basecamp is a little clunky, but there is a method to it.

  1. Type in a word or two as a search term.
  2. If you can remember any more about what you're looking for, limit your search using the drop-downs.
    • Choose what you want to search for: Was this a Message Board post or comment? Was it a Document or File? What kinds of results do you want to get?
    • choose authorChoose who posted the thing you're looking for.
    • Choose where you think this was posted? It might be SUNY/SLC HQ, or one of your Projects or Teams.
  3. As you type or choose, Basecamp will update the results list below. People, Projects, or Teams with that search term are at the top of the list, followed by search results in reverse chronological order.
  4. Click on the blue link part of the search result to go to that page, person, or post. If that wasn't what you were looking for, scroll up to see if you're looking at a comment and not the original post, or click the back button to go back to the list.

Here are a few examples:

basecamp search example

basecamp search example 2

What’s In Each Space?

In the SUNY/SLC Headquarters, there are four sections:

  • Message Board: Posts with comments, meant to keep discussion on-topic
  • Campfire: Informal chat in a single discussion stream
  • Schedule: Important dates for webinars, updates, meetings, etc.
  • Docs & Files: Documents and other files meant to be shared with the entire SUNY HQ Basecamp. Anyone with access to Basecamp can add, edit, or delete files in this section.

SLCNY (HQ) Basecamp Main Page

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