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Office of Library and Information Services (OLIS)

Local Workflow

Workflow general considerations 
  • Mediated deposits are necessary - campuses need local administrative and/or submission accounts 
    •  Metadata and full text may be obtained through web forms, email, or a combination of the two
  • Metadata may be imported from PubMed or CrossRef if an article exists on one or both platforms, you can search by title, author. DOI, and PMID
    • This is the easiest way to submit a document, and especially useful when there are multiple authors
    • The metadata import does not work when bulk uploading records in a CSV file
  • Metadata and full text may be uploaded in bulk 
    • Bulk uploads work best for dissertations/theses which have less complex metadata 
    • Full text (also called "bitstreams") are uploaded as a .zip file
    • Metadata are uploaded in a UTF-8 .csv file
    • The full text zip file must be uploaded before the metadata .csv and the PDF file names in the .zip file must be entered into the .csv exactly
    • Dates and other metadata must be formatted correctly to upload properly
Workflow options

Once collected (any method), metadata and bitstreams may be entered one at a time using the SOAR submission process.  

  • Best for using the metadata import functionality
  • Least complex method

Metadata may be exported in .csv file, cleaned, and bulk uploaded to SOAR

  • Best for documents with less-complex metadata (i.e., single authors)
  • Bitstreams may be uploaded in advance in a .zip file or added after by editing each record
  • More complex, troubleshooting and knowledge of how to use metadata needed

Optional steps

  • Follow up with authors to confirm that the work(s) have been submitted and provide the persistent URL to the record
  • To customize the thumbnail on the brief details page, a page may be appended to the document being submitted