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Improvements and Enhancements Working Group

SUNY Improvement Focuses

Through various avenues, SUNY will seek to improve and enhance Alma and Primo VE.

The Improvements and Enhancements working group will work with SLS to stay up to date on high priority issues in SUNY; will monitor Ex Libris support cases from SUNY to look for larger patterns; will continuously request ideas from the SUNY community through an input survey; and will announce and encourage all SUNY members to upvote enhancements and improvements made through Idea Exchange and NERS voting.

Information and linking on each of these initiatives is below.

SUNY High Priority Issues

The following are SUNY's high priorities to address:

  1. High rate of lending locate failures for article resource sharing requests.  

    We've seen improvements since the hierarchical locate process was implemented in February 2021, but we've still seeing too many lending locate failures for article requests.  Improvements scheduled for the May 2021 release should drastically reduce the number of lending locate failures.  SLS will provide feedback on May 2021 fixes during June 2021 meeting.  

  2. Unable to display information about requesting services to users in Primo.  

    NERS request #6637 was enhanced to allow addition of general description to forms (with option to add a link to this description).  This enhancement is planned for Q4 2021.  Ex Libris presented two workarounds that can be used in the meantime (adding linkable footers to forms, using GES to provide link to more info).

  3. Limiting Personal Delivery Options for Resource Sharing to Specific Subsets of User Groups.
    Alma doesn’t allow you to use Job Category as an input parameter for Borrowing Resource Sharing fulfillment unit rules.  We’ve asked that Job Category to be added to the list of input parameters for Borrowing Resource Sharing fulfillment unit rules so campuses can use Job Category to apply a borrowing resource sharing TOU to a subset of a user group.  This will be particularly helpful to campuses looking to provide personal delivery services to some but not all members of a user group.  Ex Libris will provide a response to this request during our October meeting. 
  4. Selecting Hold Locations for Interested Users.
    Acquisitions staff can select an interested user when creating an item order.  The item should be automatically placed on hold for that user once the item is received, but SUNY libraries have found multiple issues with this functionality.  These issues can result in the item either being placed on hold at the wrong location or not being placed on hold at all.  We’ve asked that these issues be addressed, and Ex Libris will provide a response to this request during our October meeting.  

Last updated: September 13, 2021

SUNY Community Input Survey