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SUNYConnect Task Force




  • Stephanie Hess (Chair), Binghamton University
  • Andy  Heiz, Orange Community College
  • Colleen Lougen, New Paltz
  • Scott Richmond, Fredonia
  • Ryan Grimmer, Erie Community College
  • Dana Antonucci-Durgan, Suffolk Community College
  • Ruth Owens, ESF
  • Susan Davis, University at Buffalo
  • Katherine Brent, Cobleskill
  • Esta Tovstiadi, SUNY Library Services
  • Shannon Pritting, SUNY Library Services



The SUNYConnect Task Force (SCTF), in coordination with the SUNY Library Services (SLS) will review strategies for the SUNYConnect program, present options for SUNYConnect to the SUNY Library Community, review feedback from libraries, and recommend a course of action to the SLC Shared Collections Committee and the SLC Board.  The SCTF will meet 8-10 times, and create a recommendation for how to approach SUNYConnect when the current SUNYConnect contract expires in July 2022.  Members of the SCTF will be expected to gather input from their respective sectors and represent their sector to the group.  When the choice of an approach to SUNYConnect is agreed upon, the SCTF will assist with review of vendor offers, participate in vendor negotiations, and/or review procurement related documentation.


Charge Approved July 2021, by SLC Shared Collections Committee

Deliverables and Timeline


  • Survey to Library Community about SUNYConnect
  • Usage and Subject Analysis of current SUNYConnect package
  • Review and analyze SUNYConnect Survey
  • Review different procurement and management options for SUNYConnect with SLS
  • Gather input from sectors on different SUNYConnect options
  • Develop report and presentation about SUNYConnect strategy for 2022 Renewal
  • Participate in reviewing vendor offers, and engage stakeholders and facilitate decision making.
  • Assist with vendor negotiations


  • June 2021: Solicit Volunteers
  • July 15, 2021: Group Forms
  • August-September 2021: Library Survey on SUNYConnect
  • October 2021: Analyze library Survey on SUNYConnect
  • October/November 2021: Create report based on survey data and input from sectors
  • November-December: Provide presentation about recommendation for 2022 SUNYConnect renewal
  • December 2021: SCTF Wrap-up and finalize recommendations for approach
  • December 2021-March 2022: Vendor negotiations and/or procurement review
  • June 2022: Finalize new SUNYConnect agreement