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Research Data Management

This toolkit offers guidance for researchers, librarians, and administrators on managing research data

Creating a Data Management Plan

Data Management Plans should include:

  • data types,
  • related tools, software, and/or code,
  • metadata standards,
  • data preservation, access, and associated timelines,
  • access, distribution, or reuse considerations,
  • oversight of data management (roles and responsibilities), and
  • planned research output details.

Data Management Plans will require listing at least one intended repository for publicly accessible data. Repositories should follow FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Re-usable.) 

  • Discipline specific repositories are preferred, take a look at the Registry of Research Data Repositories to find a discipline specific repository.
  • Publishers often have contracts with specific repositories and will prefer adding data supporting articles to a preferred source.
  • In the absence of a discipline specific repository, generalist repositories exist. Individual project submissions to these repositories are possible. 
  • SUNY OLIS is investigating institutional Dryad membership during the 2023 year as an option for data publishing. Contact OLIS for more information.