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LSP (Alma) Migration Archive

Context and history of the migration to Alma/Primo VE, 2018 - 2020


 Because Aleph was originally designed for print based materials, the migration process migrates all items from Aleph as print items by default. The P2E file is a way to identify e-resources from Aleph and have those resources correctly identified as e-resources in Alma. This file is created by the campus as a csv file.

Process for Submitting this File

For Shared Server campuses, you'll need to submit a request through footprints by April 19th on what you would like included in the form. These will be used alongside your Aleph to Alma form for validation. After the forms are validated on the server, the SUNY Project Managers will upload Aleph to Alma migration forms and P2E files to the salesforce case.

For shared server campuses creating their own P2E files, please submit these alongside your aleph to alma migration form using the dropbox submission link provided to your institutional lead by April 26th.

University Centers, attach these to your cutover salesforce case directly.

Presentations and Documentation