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LSP (Alma) Migration Archive

Context and history of the migration to Alma/Primo VE, 2018 - 2020


If you have Serials Solutions 360 Core and Link, you will login to the client center and download the following reports:

  • Database Details Report
  • Tracked Resources Report OR Tracked eBooks + Tracked eJournals reports: In the Management Reports Dropdown box, if you see "Tracked Resources Report", use that report. If you do not see "Tracked Resources Report", then export both "Tracked eBooks" and "Tracked eJournals" reports.

Do not open these files before submitting to Ex Libris as opening them alters the original format.

Keep all the files/folders in their original format, if they are zipped, keep it that way when uploading them.

These reports can take up to 24 hours to be generated from the Serials Solutions system, please plan ahead accordingly.


Process for Submitting Files

For, campuses using 360, use the dropbox file requests located in the institutional leads basecamp team. The PM team will then upload these to the Ex Libris ftp server. These should not be attached to the salesforce ticket.

You can submit your 360 files as zipped files or in their native format, as there are not size restrictions on the dropbox file request.