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LSP (Alma) Migration Archive

Context and history of the migration to Alma/Primo VE, 2018 - 2020

Forms not Needed at Cutover

The configuration form, Primo form #1, Primo form #2, and the 3rd party integration form do not need to be re-created at cutover primarily because configuration remains in place at cutover. These related pages are left here for reference.

Configuration Form

The configuration form is used by Ex Libris to do an initial setup of the backend configuration in Alma for things like library hours, loan times, etc. Once you receive your Alma instance with your test data in November 2018, additional changes can be made to your configuration. Ex Libris staff will make changes for you until someone at your campus completes and passes the Alma Administrator Certification. At that point, the ability to edit configuration for your campus is enabled for any staff with the roles (permissions) to edit configuration aspects.

All configuration changes made from November 2018 through June 2019 (before your final extract of data) will remain for go-live. As such, this form is only needed for the initial fall test load.

Note: This form may include tabs for Primo. Those do not need to be filled out at this time.

Primo Forms

The Primo Workbook #1 and Primo Workbook # 2 are Excel spreadsheets where you can indicate initial configuration options for Primo. These forms only need to be filled out during the test load phase. Once your initial configuration is setup and someone at your institution has passed the Alma Administrator Certification, users with the Discovery Administrator role will be able to make adjustments to the configuration and display of of Primo VE. Adjustments made prior to the cutover load will remain in effect for go-live.

In addition to Primo configuration, you will also need to activate resources that should be indexed and available as metadata in Primo. This is called Primo Central Index activations.

Primo workbook #1 and #2 will be delivered and returned through a saleforce case.

The url for activating resources in Primo central will be delivered either through basecamp or individually to campuses.

More information will be coming.

3rd Party Integration Form

The 3rd party integration form is a checklist to indicate which integrations are essential to go-live. The SLC Project Management team recommends selecting integrations that you can support into the future and you currently utilize in Aleph. In addition, the SLC Project Management team has identified the following as integrations that will be supported by the SLC.

  • Primo and Alma authentication using Single Sign On/SAML, or LDAP
  • Publish holdings/bib records to OCLC
  • Import records from OCLC.
  • External Resources Search for cataloging.
  • Publish electronic records to Google Scholar.
  • Publish electronic records to Primo Central.
  • Configure publishing profile to IDS, Rapid, etc.
  • Label Printing