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Alma Resource Management

Working with the Metadata Editor in the Institution and Network Zones. Includes indication and normalization rules.

Suppressing Bib Records Overview

Suppressing a bib record from discovery will prevent it and its associated holdings/items from displaying to the end user in Primo VE. The bib record will only be viewable in Alma.

Records that you may want to suppress from discovery include:

  • "On Order" records (suppressed from location)
  • Office copies
  • Container records for Standing Orders
  • Databases
  • Records without inventory

The suppress icon appears next to the title when a bib record is suppressed from discovery in both a repository search and in the MD Editor.

Repository search example: 
Suppress icon from a record view from a repository search

Suppressing a Bib Record or Group of Records

To suppress a single bib record from discovery in Alma:

  • Open the bib record in the MD Editor
  • Go to Record Actions
  • Check the box next to Suppress from Discovery
  • Click Save>Save and Release Record (Ctrl+Alt+R)


Suppressing a set of bib records:

  • Create a set of bib records to be suppressed from Discovery
  • Go to Admin>Manage Jobs and Sets>Run a Job
  • Search for the "Suppress Records from Discovery" job and select it
  • Click Next
  • Click the radio button next to the set 
  • Click Next
  • Click the "Yes" radio button for "Suppress from Discovery?"
  • Click Next
  • Click Submit
  • Click Confirm

Additional Suppression Methods

Import Profile Normalization Rule:

  • Select Resource Management > Configuration Menu
  • Select Metadata Configuration
  • Select MARC21 Bibliographic
  • Click the "Normalization" tab
  • Select one of the rules, e.g. "Marc21 Bib normalize on save" > Actions: Edit 
  • Check the Task List to see if it contains an active Process that "Sets the Suppressed flag of MMS" 
  • Verify that the Flag is set to TRUE (the default is FALSE, no suppression)

Create Inventory:
When the record is added via the menu Create inventory > Add physical item” > Holding type is “new” -- the record will be suppressed

General>Other Settings:
Bib records that have no holdings or they are all suppressed, and suppressBibWithSuppressedHol is set to "true" if the HOL was suppressed as a result of an item deletion. The configuration is found by going to Configuration>Resources>General>Other Settings

Unsuppressing a Bib Record

  1. Open the bib record in the MD Editor
  2. Click on the Record Actions menu
  3. Uncheck the box next to Suppress from Discovery
  4. Click Save>Save and Release Record

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