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Alma Resource Management

Working with the Metadata Editor in the Institution and Network Zones. Includes indication and normalization rules.

MD Editor

The MD Editor is made up of:

  • Left pane - contains templates, records, and rules
  • Main pane - is the working area of the MD Editor where templates, records, and rules open
  • Toolbar
  • Lower pane - contains information, alerts, and linked data

MD editor screenshot

Left Pane of the MD Editor

The left pane of the MD Editor contains:

  • Templates 
    • Dubin Core
    • MARC21 Bibliographic
    • MARC21 Holdings  
  • Records
    • Dublin Core
    • MARC21 Bibliographic
    • MARC21 Holdings
  • Rules
    • Normalization rules
    • Merge rules
    • Indication rules
    • Brief level rules
    • Authority headings rules
    • XSL Indication rules
    • XSL transformers
    • Normalization rules (DC)
    • Normalization rules (XML)


Main Pane of the MD Editor

The main pane of the MD Editor is where the work takes place. Bib and holdings records open in the main pane of the MD Editor.  The MD Editor drop-down menu and tool bar allows the user to perform tasks related to cataloging.


The toolbar drop-down menus:

File Toolbar Menu


Edit Toolbar Menu


Tools Toolbar Menu




Lower Pane of the MD Editor

The Lower Pane provides information that can be useful in editing a record (only Local Notes are allowed to be added/edited/deleted in the MD Editor)