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Alma Resource Management

Working with the Metadata Editor in the Institution and Network Zones. Includes indication and normalization rules.

Share with Network (Link to the NZ)

“Share with Network” is used to link an Institutional Zone (IZ) only bibliographic record with the Network Zone (NZ). The IZ record and its associated inventory will be linked to the NZ when "Share with Network" is selected in the MD Editor. 

“Share with Network” can be used to:

  • Add/link an IZ brief bibliographic record to the NZ
  • Add/link an IZ bibliographic record to the NZ.
  • Add/link an IZ bibliographic records that migrated to Alma without being linked to the Network Zone (NZ)

All IZ records need to have an 035 $$a (OCoLC) number to use "Share with Network" because:

  • The NZ matches bib records on the OCLC number in MARC field 035 $$a
  • Duplicate bib records can be accidentally created in the NZ when no OCLC number is present
  • Bib records that do not have an OCLC number will not be updated by the OCLC nightly jobs


NOTE: Only one record at a time can be linked to the NZ using "Share with Network". Use the "Link a set of records to the Network Zone" job if you have more than one IZ bib record you want to link to the NZ

"Share With Network" Training Videos

Share with Network (Link a Record to the NZ)

To link an IZ only bib record to the NZ:

  1. Open the IZ only bib record in the MD Editor
  2. Make sure that there is an OCLC# in MARC field 035 before proceeding
    1. To add MARC field 035 with the OCLC#:
      1. Click Editing Actions>Add Field (F8)
      2. Type in 035 _ _ $$a (OCoLC)#############
      3. Click on the Save icon
  3. Remove any non-OCLC numbers in the 035
    1. To delete a MARC field:
      1. Click on the 035 with a non-OCLC number
      2. Click Editing Actions>Remove Field (Ctrl+F6)
      3. Click on the Save icon
  4. Click Record Actions>Share with Network
    1. If there are no matching records, the IZ bibliographic record will be added to the NZ and the workflow is complete
    2. Continue on to step 5 if a confirmation pop-up box appears stating: "Matched record/s exist in the catalog, do you want to view them before saving?"
  5. Click Yes from the Confirmation message
    1. Important: DO NOT select No or a duplicate record with the same OCLC number will be added to the NZ
  6. Click View from the record displaying in the right-hand of the MD Editor to make sure it is the correct record
  7. Select Link from the blue drop-down menu button at the bottom of the record view
  8. Click the blue Execute button at the bottom the record view 
    • The header of the record in the right-hand of the MD Editor will contain the record information including the NZ MMS ID
    • The header of the IZ only record will no longer contain the record information and only the IZ MMS ID will remain

Header of the records once the record has been linked to the NZ record

  1. Click Save>Save and Release Record (Ctrl+Alt+R)
    • Note: The original IZ only record will remain in the MD Editor, but it not longer exists and it is no longer in the list of records in the left-hand column of the MD Editor
  2. Click the X in the upper right corner of the bib record to close the original IZ only record 

"Link a set of records to the Network Zone" Job Workflow