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Alma Resource Management

Working with the Metadata Editor in the Institution and Network Zones. Includes indication and normalization rules.

Identifying the Correct Bib Record from the Network Zone (NZ)

It is important to identify the correct bib record in the Network Zone (NZ) for ordering and relinking bib records. SUNY libraries are do not have to use bib records that exists in the NZ if a better bib record exists in OCLC.  An OCLC master record can be exported to the NZ if the correct bib record does not exist in Alma's NZ. Brief bib records are created for ordering purposes when there is not an existing bib record in the NZ or in OCLC. 


NOTE: An OCLC master record that is brief is better than creating a brief bib in Alma because it contains an OCLC number. This allows the OCLC record to be automatically updated when the OCLC master records is updated. The updated bib record will be included in the updated OCLC import profile for the OCLC overnight jobs and automatically update the brief bib.

Identifying Matching Bib Records Training Videos

Repository Searching Tips

It is important to use unique identifiers to retrieve the best repository search results in Alma. The repository search can be as simple or as advanced as is required to limit the search results to a usable size. Unique identifiers that can be used to locate the correct bib record if they are available:

  • OCLC number
  • ISBN
  • ISSN
  • Other Standard Numbers
  • MMS ID 


Search Types - Roles determine the available search types that will be available from the persistent search box

  • All Titles - use this search to find all bib records in the IZ and NZ with and without inventory
  • Physical Titles - use this search to find bib records in the IZ that contain inventory
    • Must have at least one item associated with it to be retrieve the bib records using a Physical Titles search
  • Physical Items - use this search to find physical item records in the IZ
  • Electronic Titles - use this search for e-resource titles in the IZ and CZ with inventory
    • Must have at least one portfolio associated with it to retrieve the bib record using an Electronic Titles search
  • Electronic Portfolios - use this search for e-resource portfolios in the IZ and CZ
  • Electronic Collection - use this search for e-resource collection in the IZ and CZ

How to Identify the Correct Bib Record in the NZ

  1. Perform an All Tiles simple or advanced repository search in the NZ. Use enough information to be able to retrieve and identify the correct bib record:
    1. ISBN/ISSN/Other Standard Number
    2. OCLC Number
    3. Creator (Author)
    4. Title
    5. Publication Year
    6. Publisher
    7. Resource Type
  2. Use facets on the left-side to limit the results to a specific resource type
  3. Click on the title link for the record in the repository search and review bib record looking at the following MARC fields:                                                            
  4. When the correct record is identified it can be:
    1. Ordered
    2. Relinked
  5. If the correct bib record is not yet identified:
    1. Continue searching by refining the repository search 
    2. Export the desired bib record from OCLC to the NZ if the correct bib record does not exist in the NZ