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Alma Resource Management

Working with the Metadata Editor in the Institution and Network Zones. Includes indication and normalization rules.

"Always On" Feature of the MD Editor

The "Always on" feature means the MD Editor is always on and running in the background. The "Always on" feature makes navigating to and from the MD Editor easier and more efficient. By a click of an icon users can leave the MD Editor to perform other workflows in Alma and easily return to the MD Editor and resume working where they left off.

The "Always on" functionality of the MD Editor allows:

  • The MD Editor to be opened no matter where you are in Alma
  • The MD Editor to run in the background when the user is not in the MD Editor (much like any open desktop application)
  • Users to navigate to and from the Metadata Editor using icons without using the Main Menu 
  • Records that are open in the MD editor remain open so users can leave the MD Editor and return and resume where they left off

Open the MD Editor

"Always on" allows the MD Editor can be opened quickly by clicking on the "Book" icon without requiring the user to open the MD Editor from the Main Menu.  However, the MD Editor can still be opened by going to Resources>Cataloging>Open Metadata Editor.

To open the MD Editor:

  1. Click on the "Show MDE" icon near the bottom of the left-pane (looks like an open book with an M on the cover)

Show MDE icon in the main menu - Metadata Editor "Always on" feature

Hide MD Editor

Hide the MD Editor allows the user to move the MD Editor to the background so they can perform other workflows in other areas of Alma. Any open bib records in the MD Editor will remain in the editor until the user returns.

To Hide the MD Editor:

  1. Click on the "Hide MD Editor" icon near the bottom of the left-pane (looks like an open book with an M on the cover)

Hide MDE icon to close the Metadata Editor - "Always on" feature