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Alma Resource Management

Working with the Metadata Editor in the Institution and Network Zones. Includes indication and normalization rules.

Template Display Configuration

"Template Display Configuration" allows users to quickly access templates that they regularly use to create new bib and holdings records. The templates that display under the "New" menu are specific to the user based on what templates the user has enabled.

Per MSP-2: All cataloging in SUNY is done in OCLC Connexion with the exception of creating brief bib records for ordering. If a bib record is not in Alma or OCLC, the person creating the order (PO Line) in Alma will create a brief bib record using SUNY templates. SUNY templates have been created with the minimum required MARC fields to create NZ brief bib records for ordering. A PO Line (order record) can be created once a brief bib record exists in the NZ.

SUNY NZ brief bib templates:

  1. SUNY NZ Brief Bib Record (for monographs)
  2. SUNY NZ Cont Resources Brief Bib Record (for continuing resources)
  3. SUNY NZ Visual Materials Brief Bib (for visual materials)

Configuring Template Display

Templates can only be enabled or disabled from the New and Templates tabs.  To enable or disable templates to display under the "New" menu for quick access:

  1. Click New >Template Display Configuration
  2. Click on the corresponding toggle to enable or disable a template
    • Blue is enabled
    • Grey is disabled
  3. Click Save

Visual of the Template Configuration Display