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Alma Resource Management

Working with the Metadata Editor in the Institution and Network Zones. Includes indication and normalization rules.


Reminders can be added to bib records to remind users to perform specific tasks at specified times, such as closing a serial record, adding local notes, withdrawing a title when a new edition arrives, or updating a holdings record. Reminders can be added to an Institution Zone record or a Network Zone Record. 

Reminders can include: 

  • Date for the reminder to occur
  • Type of reminder
  • Status of the reminder
  • Text describing the reminder


Reminders Do Not have an alert or show up in task lists. Reminders are Managed by going to Resources>Cataloging>Reminders.


Configuring Reminder Types and Statuses

A "General" Reminder Type is enabled out of the box. Reminders types can be configured to create specific reminder types for required tasks, such as close record, add local note, or withdraw. To configure Reminder Types:

  1. Click on the Configuration icon
  2. Click Resources>General>Reminder Types
  3. Click Add Row
  4. Populate the following fields in the Add Row poo-up screen
    1. Code: [Type in a code for the the Reminder Type]
    2. Description: Type in the description of the Reminder Type]
    3. Default: [Select "No" unless you want it to be the default]
  5. Click Add Row
  6. Click Customize

A general Reminder Status for "New" is enabled out of the box. Reminders statutes can be configured to let the user know the reminders status.

  1. Click on the Configuration icon
  2. Click Resources>General>Reminder Status
  3. Click Add Row
  4. Populate the following fields in the Add Row poo-up screen
    1. Code: [Type in a code for the the Reminder Status]
    2. Description: Type in the description of the Reminder Status]
    3. Default: [Select "No" unless you want it to be the default]
  5. Click Add Row
  6. Click Customize

Creating Reminders

Reminders can be created on Institution Zone (IZ) records or Network Zone (NZ) records. The zone used in the repository search determines where the reminder is created. Make sure the repository search results are in the IZ before creating reminders for IZ specific records even if they are linked to the NZ. NZ master records should not be edited in Alma.

To add a reminder to a single bib record:

  1. Perform a repository search for the title
  2. Click Add Reminder from the ellipses of the record
  3. Reminders Details screen opens
    1. Text: [Type in a note explaining the reminder]
    2. Date: [Select the date to manage the reminder]
    3. Type: [Select the Reminder Type]
    4. Status:  [Select Status]
  4. Click Save

Adding reminders using a set can only be done on IZ records. To add reminders using a set:

  1. Create a set from an IZ repository search 
  2. Run the "Add Reminders" job
    1. Go to Admin>Manage Jobs and Sets>Run a job
    2. Search for "Add Reminders" job by name
    3. Click the radio button next to the job
    4. Click Next
    5. Click the radio button next to the set
    6. Click Next
    7. Select the task parameters for the reminder
      1. Date
      2. Type
      3. Status
      4. Text

Add Reminders Job - Task Parameters

  1. Click Next
  2. Review the job
  3. Click Submit
  4. Click Confirm

Managing Reminders

There are no Reminder alerts and they do not show up under the user's task list. Users need to manually review reminders. To manage reminders once they have been created:

  1. Go to Resources>Cataloging>Reminders
    • A list of reminders will display
    • Submitted Date Range, Type, and Status filters can be used to focus on specific reminders requiring action
  2. To Manage reminders
    • Click Edit from the ellipses or click on the Type link to update the reminder
    • Click on the Title link to view the bib record  which allows the user click Edit to edit the record
      • Once the record is edited you can return back to the record display
      • Click Back from the record display to return to Manage Reminders
    • Click Delete from the ellipses to remove the reminder once the task is completed


Submitted Date Range:

Only records that are due during the Submitted Date Range will display:

Reminder Screen with Default Submitted Date Range


Change the Submitted Date Range filter to view reminders that are coming up or past due:

Managing Reminders - Custom Date Range

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