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Alma Resource Management

Working with the Metadata Editor in the Institution and Network Zones. Includes indication and normalization rules.

SUNY Local MARC Fields for Consortial Use

The following MARC fields have been reserved for Consortial use:

975 PrimoVE Single Record Display

MARC field 975 is used to prevent MARC records from deduping/FRBRization. This field can be applied to an IZ only records, NZ records, or CZ records in an institution.  Only institutions that have worked with the NZ Coordinator to configure the use of MARC 975 should use local field MARC 975.

Example of the field format:

  • 975 _ _ $a PrimoVE Single Record Display $9 local

976 Copyright Date for PrimoVE Display

MARC field 976 is used to allow the copyright date in 264 _4 $c to display in PrimoVE in addition to the publication date in 264 _1 $c.

  • A normalization rule is used copy MARC 264 _4 $c to MARC 976
  • A display norm rule allows MARC 976 to display the copyright date in PrimoVE, as well as the publication date

977 & 979 - Reserved for Future Consortial Use Only

MARC fields 977 and 979 are not currently being used. They are reserved for future consortial use.

986 - Aleph System Number

Local MARC field 986 was populated with the Aleph System number during migration. This MARC field will only display in an institutions record with a local extension.

999 - OCLC Worldshare Collection Information

MARC field 999 in the NZ contains information from the OCLC Woldshare query collections for new, updated, and merged records. Record exported directly from OCLC Connexion to the NZ will not contain MARC field 999.

MARC 999 may have been created at cutover or after cutover.

  • Records created in the NZ at cutover from the OCLC Worldshare query collection will appear with the Cutover information: 
    999__ |a Cutover - 20190517 |b 20190517 |c New collection customer.71307.193


  • Records created and/or updated in the NZ from the OCLC Worldshare query collections will appear with information about the collection, the date, and the action:
    999__ |a SUNY LSP Collection |b 20190927 |c Added to collection customer.71307.170
    ​​​​​​​999__ |a SUNY LSP Collection |b 20201119 |c Master record variable field(s) change: 040, 505

NOTE: If there is no MARC 999 in the NZ record it may be as a result of a SUNY institution linking the record to the Network Zone