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Alma Resource Management

Working with the Metadata Editor in the Institution and Network Zones. Includes indication and normalization rules.

Bound With Titles

Bound-with refers to titles that are bound together. They may have a relationship, but often titles that are bound together are unrelated and do not have a collective title.

There are two different types of bound-with titles:

  • Publisher bound - titles that are published and bound together by the publisher that may or may not have a collective title
  • Library bound - separately published titles that a library binds together in a volume

Bound-with titles:

  • Have one barcode to represent one item
  • Have separate bibliographic records for each work
  • Item and barcodes are associated with the first title in the volume
  • Typically use a 773 for subsequent titles to link them to the first record in the volume
    • The MSP recommendation is to use a local MARC 590 or 591 for subsequent titles to create a relationship because MARC 773 in Primo VE does not clearly display the bound-with relationship
    • MARC 773 can be used in conjunction with local MARC 590 if an institution chooses to use both fields

Bound With Best Practices for Bib Records

The MSP Bound-with Best Practices Requirements:

  • The bound-with best practice procedures should only be used when separately issued items are bound together after publication
  • The bound with note is a local note
    • It is created with the Ctrl-L Add Local Extension function and will have the house icon next to the MARC field number.
    • These notes only display in the IZ record
    • IMPORTANT!!!: Do not add this note to the OCLC record

The MSP bound-with Best Practice Recommendations:

  • Use a local MARC field 590 to make a bound-with note
    • Can use a local MARC 591 field if that field fits better into your institution’s previous practice
  • The local note in the record for the first title will mention all of the succeeding titles bound to it in the order in which they appear in the volume
  • All the succeeding titles will get a local note that will only mention the first title


  • First record in a bound-with volume:
    • 245 10 $a First title / $c Statement of responsibility
    • 590 $a Bound with: Second title / Statement of responsibility; Third title / Statement of responsibility; Fourth title / Statement of responsibility
  • Subsequent bound-with records in the volume:
    • 245 10 $a Second title /$c Statement of responsibility.
    • 590 $a Bound with: First title / Statement of responsibility.

Bound With Best Practices for Holdings and Item Records

Bound-with Holdings Records:

  • No action is required for titles bound together that are in not numerically related
  • For numerically related titles, edit the holdings record call number to reflect the relationship:
    • Open the holding record in the MD Editor
    • Click into MARC 852 and Edit $$i to add the numbers of the titles in the bound volume after the end of the item part
      • Example; $$i .U86 no.147-149
    • Save and release record

Adding the volume numbers when there is a numeric relationship

Bound-with Item Records:

MSP Recommendations for Barcodes:

  • The first title in the bound-with volume item record is assigned the real barcode
  • All subsequent item records are assigned an Alma system-generated dummy barcode.
  • Add BW (Bound-with) prefix to the system generated barcodes
    • The BW prefix allows users to quickly search the repository for Bound-with items by barcode search
    • The BW prefix can be used to identify bound-with items in analytics reports
  • Add a public note in the item record that will direct users to the MMS ID of the first bibliographic title in the volume

To add a BW Prefix to System Generated Barcodes:

  1. Open the item record in the Physical Item Editor
  2. Click Generate in the barcode field
  3. Delete the letter(s) at the beginning of the system-generated barcode
  4. Click Save

BW Prefix for subsequent bound-with Item records

Add a Public Note to Item Record to Display in Primo VE:

  1. Copy the MMS ID from the first title in the bound-with volume
  2. Open the Physical Item Editor for each subsequent title in the bound-with volume
  3. Click on the Notes tab
  4. Type in a note to identify the subsequent titles are bound with the first title:
    • Example; Bound with MMS ID 990019636880204803
  5. Click Save

Adding a Public note


Public note will display under the Get It section in Primo VE:

Item Public Note Display in Primo VE display under the get it section