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Alma Acquisitions

Alma Acquisitions training guide.

Relinking Bib Records

The following role is required to relink a POL at a different bib record:

  • Purchasing Operator

Moving a Purchase Order Line (POL) from one bib record to another is called relinking in Alma. The "Relink" button on the Purchase Order Lines Details screen is used to relink a POL from one bib record to another. 

Bib records may need to be relinked to another bib record after receiving because:

  • The POL was created using the "wrong" bib record
    • The bib record has the wrong resource type
    • The bib record does not match the item in hand
    • A single title bib record was used for a multi-volume set
    • The vendor record is incorrect
  • The cataloger has found a "better" quality bib record to use:
    • In Alma
    • In OCLC

Bib Records That Can Be Relinked

POLs can be relinked with the following statuses:

  • One Time Closed POLs
  • In Review
  • Deferred
  • Ready (Packed into a PO and ready to be sent)
  • Waiting for Manual Renewal

POLs cannot be relinked if:

  • Items linked to the POL are in a temporary location
  • Items linked to the POL are on loan 
  • The POL is linked to Community Zone (CZ) records
  • The POL contains items that belong to two different bib records

PO Line Types and Statuses


Relinking a Bib Record from A PO Line (POL) Workflow