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Improvements and Enhancements Interest Group


Angela M. Rhodes, Morrisville, Chair
Ellen Bahr. Alfred University
Lana Bittman, Fashion Institute of Technology
Timothy Jackson, SUNY Library Services
Chaeyeon Kim, Upstate Medical
Gregg Headrick, SUNY Downstate
Jason Parker, University at Buffalo
Liz Simmons, Genesee Community College


The Improvements and Enhancements Working Group will focus on gathering performance and functionality problems with the Alma and Primo systems across SUNY libraries, and work collaboratively with the SLS to pursue avenues for improvements.

The Working Group will work closely in an advisory capacity with the SUNY Library Services (SLS) to help coordinate and strategically address issues related to support, enhancements, and improvements for the Alma and Primo VE systems.

The IE Working Group will advise the SLS on directions and issues in three main areas:

  • Supporting issues and trends across SUNY, and working with SLS on how best to engage ExLibris or address potential knowledge gaps with campuses.
  • Gathering input and refining the use of SUNY’s development cases with ExLibris, specifically our “Top 5” cases where ExLibris has agreed to work with SUNY to develop solutions.
  • Coordination of Enhancement requests via the ExLibris User Group North America (ELUNA) as well as use of the Idea Exchange.

The Improvements and Enhancements Working Group will work with the SLS to review and coordinate:

  • Idea Exchange submissions.
  • Current discussion in the ExLibris Alma and Primo listserv to find trends or important issues to address.
  • ExLibris Alma and Primo Release Notes.
  • Basecamp posts to facilitate submission of cases and issues.
  • Communication with campuses and other working groups to define cases to be included in “Top 5” cases that ExLibris will facilitate faster development
  • Professional development opportunities to improve workflows and configuration.

The SLS will facilitate and coordinate support and high-level vendor management with ExLibris, which includes time-consuming review of cases and issues and negotiation of functionality for requested enhancements. The IE WG will act in an advisory capacity to the SLS to provide input to the SLS and help facilitate communication to and from the larger SUNY library community.