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LSP Advisory Board


  • Marla Gruner, Ulster Community College, Chair (term began 2019)
  • Nancy Babb, University at Buffalo (term began 2020)
  • Nickie Colello, University at Buffalo (term began 2019)
  • Lauren Jackson-Beck, SUNY Potsdam (term began 2020)
  • Shannon Pritting, SUNY (term began 2017)
  • Fatoma Rad, Farmingdale State College (term began 2020)
  • Jennifer Smathers, SUNY (ex-officio)

Charge of LSP Advisory Board

LSP Advisory Board Charge

The Library Services Platform Advisory Board, reporting to the SUNY Libraries Consortium (SLC) Board, will provide an SLC-wide perspective on the management and shared activities in the SLC Library Services Platform (LSP). They will work closely with SUNY Libraries Services and with LSP-related SLC working groups to develop and review policies, workflows, and recommendations related to the Libraries Services Platform. In this role, the LSP Advisory Board will:

  • Develop priorities for initiatives in the Shared LSP, and communicate Shared LSP activities to the SLC Board and constituents when appropriate.
  • Review and approve the formation and charges of LSP working groups and task forces.
  • Review the assessment of working groups and task forces conducted by the SLC Executive Director, and advise on adjustments needed based on assessment.
  • Review requests and proposals for projects and programs in the Shared LSP, consulting with and advising the Shared Libraries Services Staff and the SLC Board when necessary.
  • Work with the SLC Board and Libraries Services to develop cost models and feasibility studies needed for new programs or projects.


Charge of LSP Task Force (Active 2017-2019)

LSP Task Force Charge The Library Services Platform (LSP) Task Force, reporting to the SUNY Libraries Consortium (SLC) Board of Directors, will provide a University-wide perspective on the planning for the implementation and migration to a library services platform. They will work closely with the OLIS and with working groups that will be formed to address specific policies, workflows, and recommendations in various areas. In this role the LSP Task Force will

  • Approve the formation and charges of proposed working groups to be proposed in consultation with the OLIS and the SUNY Libraries Consortium
  • Ensure that the working groups are meeting deadlines and milestones
  • Ensure that the expectations of the working groups and the OLIS are in alignment
  • Be the final decision-making authority on recommendations proposed by the working groups and the OLIS
  • Focus decisions on recommendations that support streamlined workflows, reduction of duplicative practices, support standard policies, and minimize local customizations in order to take advantage of opportunities available through a true shared systems environment.

Former Members of LSP Task Force/LSP Advisory Board

Former Members of LSP Task Force/LSP Advisory Board:

  • Greg Carr, Sullivan Community College, 2017-2018
  • Shafeek Fazal, SUNY Stony Brook, 2017-2019
  • Bonnie Gallagher, Dutchess Community College, 2018-2019
  • Angela Rhodes, SUNY Morrisville, 2017-2020
  • Joe Riggie, Buffalo State College, 2017-2020
  • David Schuster, Binghamton University, 2017-2020
  • Maureen Zajkowski, SUNY OLIS, 2017-2019