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Alma & Primo VE Training

Your starting point for training in Alma and Primo VE.

Getting Started with Alma / Primo VE Training

Here's how to use this guide and the functional area guides to create your own, tailored Alma and/or Primo VE training:

  1. Read the Alma Search and Navigation guide
  2. Click on the Alma Functional Area Guides main page and read the overview.
  3. Click on the Functional Area Guide for the subject you need. The guide will open in a new tab or window in your browser.
    1. Read through the guide
    2. Watch any Training Videos listed in the guide
    3. Try any examples or exercises listed in the guide
    4. Practice what you've learned in Alma or Primo VE
  4. Repeat for each functional area you need training on.
  5. If needed, also read the Alma Sets & Jobs and Alma Configuration Training guides.

You can also review the Ex Libris documentation and training available for any functional area, or training materials from other institutions. See the boxes further down this page for links.


Alma/Primo VE Presentations & Resources


Ex Libris Resources

Training Materials from Other Institutions

Other institutions have made their Alma/Primo VE training materials available:

Alma / Primo VE Training Calendar