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Alma & Primo VE Training

Your starting point for training in Alma and Primo VE.

Developing Campus Alma/Primo VE Training

As the SUNY Library Consortium implemented Alma and Primo VE, at least three different levels of training and documentation material was developed for staff. These SLS-developed training guides are intended to bring together all relevant information in one place, organized by functional area.

However, there will still be a need for campuses to develop some kind of local documentation and training, to record local practice and policy as well as document physical workflows and situations unique to each school.

When creating this campus-level training, it's helpful to remember that each level of training resource has its place:

  • Ex Libris materials are about the systems and focus on how they work together
  • SUNY documentation and presentations are about how SUNY is using the systems
  • Campus materials should be about the local practice and workflows of your own campus/libraries

Don’t reinvent the wheel – link out to SLS or Ex Libris content and let them maintain the step-by-step instructions. Copy or link to training guide pages, FAQs, or Ex Libris documentation for your own materials, or download and customize the generic training scripts below to develop your own training. Save your creation and maintenance energy for the details that can't be captured by either Ex Libris or SUNY support.


Local Training is About the Why

When you're creating technology documentation at the campus level, you'll be teaching participants about the institution as much as the system. Include details about historic local practices, idiosyncrasies in how departments or budgets are set up, or anything else that has an effect on how work is done.

That said, switching to a new system is an opportunity to stop doing things "the way they've always been done." Keep the training sessions focused on the new system, and provide non-training time to discuss policy, physical workflow, and job/duty changes. 


Resources for Campus-Level Training

"Generic" Training Scripts for Local Customization

Request Sandbox Access for Training

If you would like to use a SUNY Alma Sandbox as a training environment - to preserve your production environment - please fill out the form below. SLS will get back to you with login account information. 

Copy and paste this into the question field: Requesting SUNY Sandbox Access for Training

Additional information: The type of training you're planning and/or the number of people you'd like access for

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