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Metadata Standards and Policies Working Group


  • Leslie Feldballe, University at Buffalo, Chair
  • Brian Morse, University at Buffalo
  • Maria Planansky, Alfred
  • Nancy Poehlmann, University at Albany


SUNY Metadata Standards and Policy Committee

With cataloging community input and OLIS assistance, develop and maintain standard system-wide policies, best practices, and workflows for metadata practices within the ALMA Library Services Platform (LSP) and throughout the SUNY Libraries Consortium (SLC).

Create a metadata migration strategy to move SLC from current individual implementations of Aleph to a shared ALMA LSP consortial environment.

Recommended LSP configuration, including cataloging rights management across SLC.

Work closely with the Acquisitions working group when it is created.

Review needs and options for cataloging and metadata training in the SLC, and recommend training plans to the LSP Task Force and LSP Training Working Group.

Post migration the committee shall transition to oversight of the SLC metadata standards, policies, and best practices.

Now Outdated Original Charge:

Research functionality and data structure of [LMS] OneBib environment. Based on capabilities and documentation of [LMS] One Bib environment, create data migration strategy and plan to move from current Aleph environment to [LMS] Single Bibliographic Record Environment (SBRE). Based on [LMS] environment and input from SUNY Library community, create recommendation for policies and procedures for management and maintenance of a Single Bibliographic Record Environment, which may include: Recommended [LMS] configuration, including cataloging rights management across SUNY. Proposal of committee or group to facilitate management of single bibliographic environment, which will create and monitor standards, policy, procedures, and oversight.