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Office of Library and Information Services (OLIS)

Promotion of SOAR

Active methods (most effective)
  • One-on-one liaison meetings and consultations
  • Presentations to faculty
    • New faculty orientations
    • Department meetings
    • Faculty organization meetings
    • “Lunch n’ Learn” or brown bag sessions 
  • Participation in campus writing and/or research-related events
    • “Research days"
    • Faculty/disciplinary retreats,
    •  Conferences / poster sessions
  • Organized training sessions
    • “Lunch n’ Learn” or brown bag workshops
    • Instruction sessions for graduate students
    • Library-sponsored Faculty development workshops 
    • Partner with campus faculty development personnel to offer training
  • Develop and foster relationships with faculty, recruit champions
    • Join campus committees 
    • Participate in faculty governance
Passive methods 
  • Link to IR submission information from library home page (easy to find)
  • Link from other department sites where possible (Research Admin, Graduate Studies, writing center, etc.)
  • Posters/fliers in high-traffic areas on campus
  • All-faculty or campus-wide emails 
  • Social media (blog postings, fb, etc.)
    • Highlight success stories, authors, high usage items
    • Highlight select interesting deposits
  • Search engine optimization – make your IR-related web pages easier to find
    • Add in-bound links from other campus websites, social media, Wikipedia, etc.
    • Update page content regularly
    • Use descriptive text and metadata on web pages