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Office of Library and Information Services (OLIS)

Open Repositories

OLIS provides two open access environments to SUNY campuses.

SUNY Open Access Repository (SOAR)

SOAR is a centrally managed online digital repository that stores, indexes, and makes available scholarly and creative works of SUNY faculty, students, and staff across SUNY campuses. SOAR serves as an open access platform for those SUNY campuses that do not have their own open access repository environments. It supplements rather than supplants local SUNY campus repositories. More information is available at the SOAR Content Guidelines.

SUNY Digital Repository (SDR)

SDR on the DSpace platform, is a centrally managed repository that includes collections from approximately 40 campus and SUNY System Administration.  If differs from the SUNY Open Access Repository (SOAR) in that its content covers a broad range of topics with a strong focus on local campus archival and special collections.   This repository is also used to house Open Educational Resources (OER).