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Item Mapper

The item Mapper allows Community administrators to map items across Collections. The result is that an item record will display in multiple Collections without needing to submit/duplicate physical records across Collections.

Directions to use Item Mapper

  • Go to the target collection
  • Under Context on left navigation select ITEM MAPPER
  • Search for the item you want to map from the source collection (by title, or author, or collection name)
  • Find the record on the results list
  • Check the box next to the selected title(s)
  • Click Map selected items

Note:  To be successful, the Community/Collection administrator must have WRITE and ADD privileges in the target Collection. A campus Community administrator will not have any issues mapping items across Collections within the Community they administer. It becomes problematic if an administrator within a campus Community tries to map items to Collections outside of their Community. 

Please contact the repository administrators if you want to have items mapped across collections that are outside of the local administrator’s community.

  • SOAR – soar @
  • SDR – sdr @