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SUNY Shared LSP Overview

Shared Library Services Platform Team

  • Shannon Pritting, SUNY Shared Library Services Director
  • Michelle Eichelberger, Discovery and E-Resources Program Manager
  • Tim Jackson, Fulfillment and Resource Sharing Program Manager
  • Jennifer Koerber, Training Specialist
  • Kristy Lee, New Paltz, Project Manager
  • Maggie McGee, Network Zone Coordinator
  • Gail Pawlowski, Sr. Alma Support Specialist

Contact Information:

August 2019 Stats

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FAQs Created in August 2019:  

How is an Alma analytics report used to create a set in Alma? Wendi Ackerman

Which roles are needed to work in Alma Analytics? Wendi Ackerman

How do I configure the new Printout Queue function, and how does it work? Tim Jackson

What do I need to do to keep my resource sharing request lists clean? Tim Jackson

Are catalogers responsible for removing fields from OCLC records that are on the current list of fields to keep out of the Network Zone? Margaret McGee

How do I associate a continuous POL to an existing serials or standing order holdings record? Margaret McGee

How do I process resource sharing borrowing requests? Tim Jackson

How come I cannot find the normalization rule I created when I try to run a job using the normalization rule? Margaret McGee

How can I change the location on a set of item records? Margaret McGee

How can I change a POL status from Sent to Closed? Margaret McGee

What do I do when I see this message in the MD Editor for and NZ bib record: "An external process has changed the original record..."Resource Sharing Margaret McGee

How do I reduce the number of matching bib records a bib record is matching with in the MD Editor? Margaret McGee

Can I run the "Update PO lines Information- Advanced" to change a POL from electronic to print or vice versa? Margaret McGee

Is there a way to turn off the PO line claiming - process automation job? Margaret McGee

The item was ordered on the the bib record, how do I relink the POL, holdings, and items to the correct NZ bib record if I am still able to edit the POL? Margaret McGee

Where does the Resource Type display in Primo VE come from? Margaret McGee

How do I change a location on a set of records and also have the holdings MARC 852 $$k change the location as well? Margaret McGee

Is it possible to turn off the Acquisition Technical Services work order that is created when the Circulation Desk adds an item to an existing holding using Quick Cataloging?Resource Sharing Margaret McGee

Can I delete a bib record from our IZ that has no inventory?Cataloging Margaret McGee

How do I get an POL out of review that migrated with an Acquisitions Method of Purchase? Margaret McGee

How do we stop getting invoices to be waiting for payment? We are not using ERP and we want them to close upon creation. Margaret McGee

How do I link an IZ record to the NZ? Margaret McGee

How do I process resource sharing lending requsts? Tim Jackson

Do we need to continue changing the OCLC holdings symbol in MARC field 049 in the OCLC master record? Margaret McGee

How can I remove the call number from the holding record? Margaret McGee

How do I create a provenance code? Margaret McGee

How do I retrieve the OCLC number in an analytics report? Margaret McGee

How do I search by OCLC number in Alma? Margaret McGee

Can you have more than one holding record per location? Margaret McGee

Why are diacritics displaying strangely in Alma and Primo VE from an OCLC record I exported? Margaret McGee

How long does it take for an OCLC master record I updated in OCLC Connexion to show up in the NZ? Margaret McGee

How do I suppress dedup/FRBR for IZ records only in PrimoVE Margaret McGee

What is the IP range for Alma and Primo to be whitelisted? Kristy Lee

How do I process a lending request with a status of Locate Failed? Tim Jackson

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Presentations and Workshops 

August 6 & 7: Primo VE Meeting with Ex Libris at University at Buffalo - Shannon Pritting & Michelle Eichelberger
August 22: Resource Sharing Q&A - Tim Jackson
August 23: Shared LSP Update - Shannon Pritting

July 2019 Stats

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FAQs Created in July 2019:  

What do I need to do to get my library links to show up in Google Scholar?  Michelle Eichelberger

How and when would I relink an order?  Sarah Maximiek

How do I use IDS Slips to print my resource sharing lending requests?  Tim Jackson

Can I set up a barcode search for Primo?  Michelle Eichelberger

How are Matching Records in the Md Editor handled?  Margaret McGee

Can we track "comes with" titles?  Sarah Maximiek

How do I hide bib records for the top level of an electronic collection from displaying in Primo?  Michelle Eichelberger

How do I create a direct link to my catalog search or other searches?  Michelle Eichelberger

How do I set up controlled vocabulary searching? For example, a search for heart attack would bring up results for myocardial infarction.  Michelle Eichelberger

How can I create an ISBN search in Advanced Search and how can I make the ISBN display in the full record?  Michelle Eichelberger

How Do I Run the SIS Synchronization for Student Information System Files in Alma?  Shannon Pritting

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Presentations and Workshops 

July 3: Virtual Go-Live Party - Shannon Pritting
July 3: Deleting IZ Records and Unlinking Bib Records from the NZ - Maggie McGee
July 12: Shared LSP Update - Shannon Pritting
July 16: Publishing Profiles: Next Steps - Maggie McGee
July 19: Publishing Profiles: Creating Sets and Unflagging Bib Records - Maggie McGee
July 23: Post-Go-Live E-Resource To-Dos - Michelle Eichelberger
July 30: Relinking Bib Records - Maggie McGee