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LSP (Alma) Migration Archive

Context and history of the migration to Alma/Primo VE, 2018 - 2020


There will be 5 Regional In-Person Training Sessions that will run from roughly 9:00-4:00.

Up to 4 attendees may attend the regional training that is closest to your campus.

Dates and Locations are below:

• Finger Lakes Community College (March 20th)
• Niagara Community College (March 5th)
• Plattsburgh (March 19th)
• SUNY Polytechnic Institute: Utica (March 11th)
• Purchase (March 12th)

The general schedule for each session is as follows:

General Schedule:

8:30 - 9:00       Checkin and coffee
9 - 9:30            Users & Roles (get your life right)
9:30-10:30       Walk through adding a monograph
10:30-11           Independent activity & break
11 - 12              Walk through adding new serial & then issue
12 - 12:30         Independent activity & break
12:30 - 1:15      LUNCH
1:15 - 2            Walk through adding new “electronic collection”
2 - 2:30             Independent activity & break
2:30 - 2:50        Add an institution-Zone collection to Alma
2:50 - 3:10        Independent activity
3:10 - 3:30        Processing Gift Books
3:30 - 3:45        Wrap Up

If you have any questions, please reach out to

Attendee Guided Exercises and Files

Roles and Alma Infrastructure Needed By Attendees to Complete Exercises

If attendees would like to successfully complete all the guided exercises, they should have all the roles below.  We will have a session on creating profiles, which could allow attendees to create roles at the session, if desired.

To Participate in User Profiles Session:

  • User Administrator


  • Invoice Manager
  • Invoice Operator Extended
  • Purchasing Operator
  • Receiving Operator


  • Circulation Desk Operator


  • Electronic Inventory Operator Extended
  • Physical Inventory Operator Extended


  • Cataloger

In addition to the above roles, campuses should have vendors that they can use to order books, e-books, and electronic collections.  There will be assistance during the guided exercise session if you haven't set up vendors, but it's highly recommended to have vendors established before attending the in-person training session. See the Related Recordings and Documentation section below for a recording on how to set up vendors.

Highly Recommended Recordings

Related Recordings and Documentation