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SUNY Library Services (SLS)

SUNY Library Services Team

  • Shannon Pritting, SUNY Library Services Director
  • Michelle Eichelberger, Discovery and E-Resources Program Manager
  • Tim Jackson, Fulfillment and Resource Sharing Program Manager
  • Yvonne Kester, Support Specialist
  • Maggie McGee, Network Zone Coordinator
  • Susan Perry, Support Specialist
  • Esta Tovstiadi, Shared Collections Coordinator

Contact Information:

About SUNY Library Services (SLS)

The SUNY Library Services (SLS) supports library technology management and library services initiatives by:
  • Managing the SUNY Library Services Platform and Discovery Solution, currently Alma and Primo VE
  • Providing support to the entire SUNY system and managing services and resources directly for institutions, as well as providing individual consulting and management services
  • Providing collections and procurement support for system-wide and group content

As a part of the Office of Library and Information Services (OLIS), the SLS connects strategic directions from the entire SUNY system and works to assist with implementation and management of initiatives at the campus level.