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SUNY Open Access Repository (SOAR)

SUNY Open Access Repository (SOAR)

SOAR, built in DSpace OpenRepository, is a centrally managed online digital repository that stores, indexes, and makes available scholarly and creative works of SUNY faculty, students, and staff across SUNY campuses. SOAR serves as an open access platform for those SUNY campuses that do not have their own open access repository environments. It supplements rather than supplants local SUNY campus repositories. 


The scope of collections in SOAR include scholarly and creative open access works of SUNY faculty, students, and staff. For more information, please review the SOAR content guidelines to determine what content is suitable.


  • Community – top-level organization; each SUNY Sector will be a Community 
    • Doctoral Degree Granting Institutions    
    • University Colleges  
    • Technology Colleges   
    • Community Colleges  
  • Sub-Communities – are organizational divisions.  The top-level sub-community will be the campus listed under the sector community.  Further sub-communities can be defined by the campus as needed.  
  • Collections – are structures that store the repository content and are made up of metadata item records with associated content files.

Submission Processes

  • Includes a web interface which can be used by authorized contributors to add metadata and items to a collection one-at-a-time 
  • Variation of the manual input is the use of PubMed or CrossRef metadata imports for published content that is available through these resources.  This functionality is provided as an option on the item submission form. 
  • Batch import by using a .zip file (documents/bitstreams) and a .csv file (metadata) may be available upon request 
  • For information on workflows and metadata please submit a request to the soar @