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SUNY Open Access Repository (SOAR)

Organization of Content

  • Most discovery will be done through Google Scholar and other search engines, rather than through browsing the repository. 
    • When developing hierarchies of sub-communities consider how much content would be available for each area; in other words, if there are sub-communities of campus departments with a Theses collection listed under each, would some department have the bulk of content while others may have only a few records or perhaps none?  
  • Avoid empty sub-communities/collections by creating them only when content is available 
  • Name and description of your campus  
  • Name and description of further sub-communities (if needed)   
  • Name and description of the collections   
  • Any logos/graphics appropriate for the collection/sub-community, etc. (if desired)   
  • Name and email addresses of the administrators for the campus environment   
  • Name and email addresses for authorized contributors to specific sub-communities and/or collections if applicable   
  • Basic information about the content of the collection, approximate number of items, etc.