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SUNY Open Access Repository (SOAR)

Getting Started

If you are considering using SOAR or ready to get started with it on your campus, please start with the SOAR Content Guidelines, then review the following questions:

  • What types of open access content is available from your faculty, staff and students?  e.g., 
    • Graduate and undergraduate theses  
    • Articles in academic journals  
    • Monographs. book chapters  
    • Preprint, Postprint (submitted or accepted manuscripts) 
  • How will content be identified ?
  • Who will be involved in soliciting content ?
  • Who will be involved in submitting content ?

Other considerations:

  • Authors will complete forms confirming that  
    • The work is original  
    • The SUNY author(s) owns the copyright or have permissions to deposit 
    • The SUNY author(s) grants permission for distribution   
  • Several licensing options are offered, primarily Creative Commons   
  • Deposit agreements for SUNY students may include sign-off by their primary faculty advisor