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SUNY Open Access Repository (SOAR)

General Documentation

The SOAR platform is based on the DSpace Open Repository; it integrates with PubMed and CrossRef for importing metadata, provides ORCID integration for authors, enhanced statistics including Altmetrics, and provides a separate test (staging) environment for each campus community. 

OLIS Responsibilities 

  • Provide consultation services to review the functionality of the platform 
  • Setup of campus communities, sub-communities, collections for Staging and Production; each campus has full access to their staging area after production is implemented 
  • Setup of user accounts for campus administrative control of their community and for item record creation and submission of content 
  • Provide training on functionality, item record creation, and content input 
  • Provide documentation and information on basic workflows 
  • Provide guidance on metadata use of Dublin Core  
  • Provide default templates for record input 
  • Review requests to batch input metadata and/or content with the understanding that this could incur costs that would be charged back to the campus 
  • Review request for functionality not included in the Open Repository platform with the understanding that this could incur costs that would be charged back to the campus 
  • Provide basic communications regarding the repositories through the Workplace SUNY Open Repositories group  
  • Provide first line support for questions related to general functionality 
  • Liaison with Atmire regarding technical issues 
  • Provide support through the soar @ account 
  • Provide additional information on the OLIS Libguide site  

Campus Responsibilities 

This model of support is based on each campus identifying local contacts that will be responsible for working with their community to solicit and add content into the repositories.  Questions on content (accessibility, copyright issues, take-down requests, etc.) are forwarded to the campus liaison for a decision on how to address.

For support inquiries, please contact soar @