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SUNY Open Access Repository (SOAR)


When developing a local workflow, there are many factors to keep in mind:

  • Mediated deposits to SOAR are necessary - campuses need local administrative and/or submission accounts  and information from authors must be obtained outside of SOAR..
  • Metadata and full text may be obtained through web forms, email, or a combination of the two 
    • Google forms examples (full-text must be sent separately by email) 
    • REDCap forms examples including brief and detailed, and dissertation/theses forms (full-text may be uploaded to form) 
  • Metadata may be imported from PubMed or CrossRef if an article exists on one or both platforms, you can search by title, author. DOI, and PMID 
    • This is the easiest way to submit a document, and especially useful when there are multiple authors 
  • Metadata and full text may be uploaded in bulk upon review with OLIS Repository administrators 
    • Bulk uploads work best for dissertations/theses which have less complex metadata  
    • Full text (also called "bitstreams") are uploaded as a .zip file 
    • Metadata are uploaded in a UTF-8 .csv file 
    • The full text zip file must be uploaded before the metadata .csv and the PDF file names in the .zip file must be entered into the .csv exactly 
    • Dates and other metadata must be formatted correctly to upload properly 

Workflow Options

Once collected (any method), metadata and bitstreams may be entered individually using the SOAR submission process.   

  • Best for using the metadata import functionality 
  • Least complex method 

Metadata may be exported in .csv file, cleaned, and bulk uploaded to SOAR upon review with OLIS Repository administrators 

  • Best for documents with less-complex metadata (i.e., single authors) 
  • Bitstreams may be uploaded in advance in a .zip file or added after by editing each record 
  • More complex, troubleshooting and knowledge of how to use metadata needed 

Optional steps 

  • Follow up with authors to confirm that the work(s) have been submitted and provide the persistent URL to the record 
  • Customize the thumbnail on the brief details page by appending a page to beginning of to the document being submitted  

Metadata Template and Submission Process 

SOAR uses Dublin Core metadata.  A template has been developed that includes fields to address common content types.  An overview of the fields included in the template is available.  It is possible to add additional metadata fields as defined in the Metadata registry.  The template also provides information on minimum required fields, general information on how each field is to be used, values included in drop-down selections were applicable, fields that display on the simple item record (if they have content) and fields that are automatically generated as part of the submission process.  The template and submission process document can be requested through soar @ 

If you are interested in contributing to the SUNY Open Access Repository, please submit a request through soar @