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Alma Analytics

Introduction to Alma Analytics

A few quick facts about Analytics:

  • Alma Analytics is Alma’s built-in data analysis & reporting tool
  • Analytics is accessed directly via Alma for both Alma and Primo VE
    • Alma Analytics and Primo Analytics are two instances of the same platform
    • Your personal folders (“My Folders”) are visible in both instances
  • Analytics is built on Oracle’s Business Intelligence (Enterprise Edition) platform
  • Use Analytics to compose analyses, run reports, and create dashboards for staff


Analytics Vocabulary

Here are the first terms you need to know to talk about Analytics:

  • Analysis = the criteria and query used to run a report
  • Report = the output of an analysis
    • Run-on-Demand Reports = available to run at any time
    • Scheduled Reports = subscribe to receive them via email
  • Dashboard = a collection of reports

Additional terms will be introduced as you start learning about Analytics.


Uses for Analytics & Reports

What can an Analytics report help you with?

  • Individual work
    • Data cleanup projects
    • Collection management data
    • Monitor trends in Discovery search
  • Create sets for jobs and tracking purposes
  • Share data with Alma users and non-Alma users
    • As-needed reports
    • Subscribed reports (reports sent by email to Alma users or non-users)
    • Dashboards
    • Alma home page widgets
  • Export for offline reporting

Do I (Really) Need Analytics?

Before you jump into learning Analytics, take some time to explore everything that's available to you in Alma - the information you're looking for may be a single search or menu option away!


Advanced Search is Your Hero!

Read through the "Analytics" via Search page to see how the additional options available in Advanced Search can zoom quickly in on critical information, and then save the query to re-run as needed.


Get to Know the Menu

Quick links to critical monitoring lists or functions are available via the Alma menu.

AcquisitionsSample - not the full list

  • Purchase Order Lines: Review, Claim, Renew
  • Purchase Order: Review, Approve
  • Receiving and Invoicing: Receive, Review, Approve
  • Purchase Requests: Manage Purchase Requests, Check Availability and Pricing
  • Acquisitions Infrastructure: Vendors, Funds and Ledgers, Licenses
  • Advanced Tools: Exchange Rates Report


  • Cataloging: Browse Bibliographic Headings, Browse Shelf Listing
  • Manage Inventory: all of them, especially Shelf Report
  • Import: Monitor and View Imports
  • Advanced Tools: Overlap and Collection Analysis (eResources only), Duplicate Title Analysis (eResources only), Manage Deleted Repository


  • Resource Requests: Expired and Active Hold Shelves, Manage In Process Items (in your location), Monitor Requests & Item Processes (throughout the campus)
  • Course Reserves: all of them
  • Resource Sharing: all of them
  • Advanced Tools: Create Fulfillment Sets (based on Loan status), Create Fines and Fees Report, Citation Alternate Suggestions (for course reserves reading lists)