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Alma Analytics

Designing Analytics Training Videos & Materials


Accessing Analytics

Navigating in Analytics - Top menu bar

Analytics Landing page when login. This is a blank page for all new users, and can be customized.

Search and Advanced search


Home - the most recent and popular items/activities, navigation pane on the left

Catalog - quick access to Folders, dashboards and reports (My Folders & Shared Folders)

Navigating in Analytics

You navigate through Analytics using the menu bar, the left navigation pane, and toolbars.

Menu Bar (along the top of every screen)

analytics menu bar


Toolbars (at the top of each work pane)

analytics toolbars


Left Navigation Pane (different depending on what you're doing)

left navigation pane


Putting it all together


Really Helpful Tip - Change This Account Preferences Setting

When you create or edit an analysis, the default setting is to open on the Results tab, where you view and edit the final layout of the results.

If you prefer to always open on the Criteria tab (where you build the query), you can change the setting in your account preferences.

1 - In the top right corner look for Signed In As and click on the down arrow

2 - Click on My Account

My account


3 - On the Preferences tab, go to Analysis Editor >> Full Editor and choose Start on Criteria tab when editing Analysis

4 - Click OK to close the My Account window

close account window


Now when you go to an analysis, it will open on the Criteria tab.

criteria tab