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Alma Analytics

Training Videos for Reports and Dashboards

Analytics Objects

Analytics Objects are reports or dashboards that were created in Analytics and made available to other users in Alma.

Analytics can be shared and displayed in five types of Analytics Objects in Alma:

  • Widgets - boxes on the Alma home page
  • Reports - individual reports that can be run as needed, accessed from the Analytics menu
  • Dashboards - dashboards of reports that are accessed from the Analytics menu
  • Scheduled Reports - individual reports that run on a schedule, results are emailed to subscribers (both Alma users and non-users)
  • Scheduled Dashboards - dashboards that run on a schedule and are sent to subscribers (both Alma users and non-users)

Note: Analytics reports/dashboards that are meant to be shared must be placed/copied to the Campus/Institution Shared Folder or subfolders in Analytics before creating the Analytics Objects in Alma. See details below.

Analytics Menu Reports

Analytics Dashboards

Dashboards in Alma Analytics allow you to configure a display with multiple reports/analysis.

To share the dashboard with other Alma users within the same campus/institution, see "How to create an analytics (object) report to be displayed on the menu list in Alma"

Shared Reports

Report results can be exported and save in data or other format files (e.g. Excel, csv or pdf) from Alma Analytics.

Another method is by creating an analytics object (scheduled report), schedule the report and ask interested users to subscribe to the report. Alma users with the assigned roles will receive the subscribed report via email. 

Reports and dashboards can be shared and displayed on Alma start-up/home page as Widgets