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Alma Electronic Resources Management

Working with and managing electronic resources in Alma.

Cancelling a Subscription

When the decision has been made to cancel a subscription, the following steps should be taken in Alma:

  • Close the PO Line for the resource
  • Deactivate and delete the resource

Closing the POL prevents the POL from remaining in a state of Waiting for Renewal when in fact the subscription is not going to be renewed. It also helps with analyzing fund and acquisition data. Deactivating an electronic collection or portfolio for which the library no longer has access is critical so users do not discover content in Primo only to encounter a paywall because the library no longer subscribes.

Instructions on these two processes are also available in the following SLS FAQ: How Do I Deactivate an Electronic Collection?

Close a Purchase Order Line (POL)

  • Search Alma for the POL to close and use the ellipses to select Close

Order Lines search in Alma


  • Click Confirm when prompted with a confirmation message.

Confirmation message

Deactivate an Electronic Collection

Please note: in addition to the steps outlined below, you will also need to deactivate the electronic collection in the Primo Central Index (PCI), if the collection was activated in the PCI.


To deactivate and delete an electronic collection, all the electronic portfolios in the collection must be first deactivated.

  • Deactivate the portfolios by opening the Electronic Collection Editor and navigating to the Additional tab. In the Services section, use the ellipses to select Deactivate to deactivate the service.

Additional Tab of Electronic Collection Editor


  • Once the service is deactivated, delete the electronic collection by using the ellipses to select Delete.

Electronic collection record in Alma


  • When prompted with a message about handing bibliographic records without inventory, select Delete Bibliographic Record(s) and click Confirm.

Handling Bibliographic Records without Inventory message

Deactivate an Electronic Portfolio

Deactivate and Delete a Single Portfolio

  • To deactivate a single electronic portfolio, search for the portfolio in the IZ. Use the ellipses to select Deactivate.

Portfolio record in Alma

  • Once the portfolio is deactivated, use the ellipses to select Delete. When prompted with the Handling Bibliographic Records without Inventory message, select Delete Bibliographic Record(s) and click Confirm.

Handling Bibliographic Records without Inventory message

Deactivate a Batch of Portfolios

Portfolios can be deactivated as a batch in two ways:

  • Using the Delete Portfolios job
  • Using the Portfolio Loader to deactivate portfolios


Delete Portfolios Job

  • Search the Alma repository for the desired portfolios to deactivate. Once the desired portfolios have been found, use the Save Query function to save the portfolios as a set.
  • Navigate to Admin menu, Manage Jobs and Sets section, and click on Run a Job. Search the jobs using the phrase "portfolio" and select the Delete Portfolios job. Click Next.

Run a Job list

  • Select the desired set of portfolios and click Next.
  • Select the desired Task Parameters and click Next.

Task parameters page for Job

  • Review the job and click the Submit button to run the job.
  • Once the job is complete, Alma will send an email notification and the job will be visible in the History tab of the Monitor Jobs queue.


Portfolio Loader

  • To delete a set of portfolios from an electronic collection, open the Electronic Service Editor for the collection and navigate to the Portfolios tab. Click the Load Portfolios button.

Portfolio tab of Electronic Services Editor


  • To delete all the portfolios in the collection, select the Loading Policy Type as Complete and select the Select Action as Delete Portfolios. In the Handling Bibliographic Records without Inventory drop down, select Delete Bibliographic Record(s). Make sure the catalog is set to Institution, upload the file, and click Next.

Portfolio Loader form


  • To delete some of the portfolios in the collection, select Incremental as the Loading Policy Type. In the Select Action section, select Delete for the Choose Operation and use the Handling Bibliographic Records without Inventory drop down menu to select Delete Bibliographic Record(s).

Portfolio Loader form with Delete Portfolios selected

  • On the next page (for both Complete and Incremental processes), you will be able to download a file of all the portfolios that did not validate. Download the Excel file as these portfolios will have to be manually deleted. Then, start the process to delete the portfolios by clicking Activate.
  • Alma will send an email notification when the portfolios are deleted.