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Alma Electronic Resources Management

Working with and managing electronic resources in Alma.

Suppress the Bib Record for Electronic Collections and Databases

Ex Libris differentiates between "databases," which have no full-text content, and "electronic collections," which include electronic portfolios and full-text. The out of the box "database search" from the Primo VE header doesn't work well because of this distinction, and the Discovery Working has recommended deactivating this search and adding a link to your external A-Z database list instead. There's also a problem with linking in the Alma bib records for databases and electronic collections at the top level, so it's recommended that you suppress that top-level bib record. If you would like your databases discoverable by name in Primo VE, you can add them to the Resource Recommender.

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CZ Updates Task List

The CZ Updates Task List let's you know when changes have been made to any electronic collections that you've activated. This includes changes to metadata, updates to links, removal of content from a collection, or the removal of a collection from the CZ. It's important to monitor the CZ Updates Task List to prevent your patrons from losing access to content in Primo VE. The only way you'll know if a title or collection has been deactivated is if you keep an eye on the CZ Updates Task List, or if someone complains.

Using the CZ Updates Task List:

  • Make sure that you've got the Repository Manager role
  • Look in the Alma header under Resources->Manage Inventory
  • Don't have to check the list daily - weekly or monthly would be fine. You can set a calendar reminder.
  • Filter by the most important types of actions: Electronic collection deleted, portfolio deleted, and electronic service deleted.
  • When you see something that has been deleted, you will need to take action to reactivate it in a new collection, service, or portfolio.

Ex Libris Documentation:


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Set up Automated eResource Holdings

The workflow described in this FAQ allows libraries to activate electronic collections with a resource type of selective package and automate the process to keep holdings up to date.