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Alma Electronic Resources Management

Working with and managing electronic resources in Alma.


Once a new resource has been ordered and the vendor sends notification that access is available, it's time to activate the resource in Alma to make it discoverable and accessible in Primo. The Implementation workflow is made up of three basic steps:

  • Search for and select the resource in the Electronic Resource Activation Task List or Community Zone to activate. 
    • If your library is using the acquisitions functionality in Alma, the resource was likely already selected from the CZ when an order record was created. If that's the case, the electronic collection or portfolio can be found in the Electronic Resource Activation Task List which can be found in the Resource menu, Manage Inventory section, and Manage Electronic Resource Activation.
    • If your library is not using the acquisitions functionality in Alma, you will need to search for and activate the electronic collection or portfolio from the CZ.
  • Activate the collection and be sure to enable the proxy for the service.
  • Verify access is working properly in Primo.