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Alma Fulfillment

A training resource for anyone working with Fulfillment functions in Alma.

What's Part of Fulfillment?

Fulfillment is a category of functions that include Circulation, Resource Sharing, Course Reserves, and Deposits/Move Requests.

Anything that fulfills a request - from a patron or for a library process - comes under Fulfillment.

Fulfillment Overview Training Videos

Circulation Desks, Fulfillment Units, and other Mysteries

Circulation Desks are work location(s) in the library that handle patron fulfillment. You would set this as your Location in the Alma menu (upper right corner) so that materials are checked out and in properly.

Fulfillment Units are shelving locations with similar lending/return policies and blocks.

Institution is the campus that contains a library or libraries.

Library is each individual library in a campus.

Item Policies and Terms of Use (TOUs)

Fulfillment Unit Rules (FURs) are the loaning policies that affect a fulfillment unit. They match lending rules for patrons (terms of use) to lending rules about items (fulfillment policies). So, you can set up terms of use for undergraduate students and fulfillment policies about your general circulating collections that will apply the correct loan period and structure when a student checks out a book.

Terms of Use (TOU) define policies for patrons, and are made up of Fulfillment Policies.

Fulfillment policies define policies for items and are bundled into Terms of Use. In this way, you can reuse fulfillment policies in different Terms of Use for different types of patrons.

Item policies can be defined for specific items, and will override any conflicting fulfillment policies for its location.

At SUNY, SLS recommends using Fulfillment Unit rules and Terms of Use to govern most lending activities, and use item policies for exceptions to those rules.