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Alma Discovery / Primo VE

About Primo VE

Discovery is the interface that gives your patrons access to all of the content that you've set up in Alma.

Ex Libris Documentation:

Scopes, Search Profiles, and other Vocabulary

Scopes are selections of content that can be added to a search profile. Custom Local Data Scopes are searches and search parameters that you define to customize the search experience to meet your needs. For example, you could create a search profile that searches only a branch library or a specific type of resource such as music scores.

Search profiles allow you to define groups of records that meet specific conditions so that users may search and quickly find materials and services that are offered by your institution. Out of the box profiles include articles, your library catalog, the SUNY Catalog, etc. A Search Profile is the highest level container for what content is searched. These can contain different data scopes to search the appropriate collections/records you’d like.

Search Profile slots are how search profiles are added to views in Primo. At its most basic usage: a search profile doesn’t show to your user unless you put the search profile into a search profile slot. Just like search profiles are a way to group scopes, search profiles slots are a way to group/cluster search profiles.

A View is a way to completely customize a Primo instance. By default, you’ll only have one view, and most campuses may not want to develop another view for Primo, but to just have a single view and customize that view for all their needs. The view level is where you can customize much of the look and feel, branding, and visual parts of Primo.

Display Configuration: This is where you can edit searches, displays, and how different types of searches (basic vs. advanced) function, and how results lists and records are displayed. 

Customization Package: If you have someone on staff who has expertise with web design, and can modify css, the customization package is a good way to work more in-depth with customizing the look and feel of Primo. 

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