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Alma Discovery / Primo VE

Brief Records

You can configure the fields that display in the brief record, the wording for the availability links, and the services. You can also add local resource types, though there are limitations to this because we're using a Network Zone in SUNY and NZ records are managed centrally. A specific use case may be if you have a teaching collection, and have something like “Teaching Kits,” which you may use an Alma resource type of “Kit” to read “Teaching Kits” so that your education students could search using that resource type.

Ex Libris Documentation:



Full Records

You can modify most of the content on the Full Record. Exceptions are the wording in the "link in record" linking from the PCI and the Get It Related Title wording. You can add local fields to the full record display for things like the Aleph system number, ISBN, etc. 

Ex Libris Documentation: