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Alma Resource Sharing

Resource Sharing - Borrowing Workflows & Policies

Borrowing Workflow (Loans): The basic borrowing workflow for loans is as follows.  These steps should be taken every day your library's interlibrary department is open.  Please see below for more details.

  1. Receive items being borrowed from other libraries
  2. Return items that your users have returned or didn't pick up to the lending library
  3. Check for requests in the Ready to Be Sent, Mediated Patron Renewal, and Conditional statuses
  4. Check the Expired Hold Shelf for items that can be returned to the lender

Borrowing Workflow (Articles): Borrowing article requests are automatically sent to potential lending libraries, users receive an email with a download link once a lender fills a request, and the borrowing request is automatically completed once that email is sent, so borrowing workflow for article requests is fully automated.

Borrowing Request Statuses: The following are the most commonly seen borrowing request statuses:

  • Ready to Be Sent: the request could not be sent to any partner, most likely because the partner is ILLiad and the user doesn't have an ILLiad account. 
  • Request Sent to Partner: the request has been sent to other libraries for fulfillment, but no library has filled the request yet
  • Shipped Physically: the request has been filled by another library, but the item has yet to be received at your library
  • Physically Received by Library: your library has received the requested item, but the user has yet to pick it up
  • Loaned Item to Patron: your library has received the requested item, and your user has checked it out
  • Mediated Patron Renewal: your user has requested a renewal, but you have yet to send that renewal request to the lending library
  • Renewed by Partner: the request has been renewed
  • Returned by Patron: your user has returned the item, but you have yet to return it to the lending library
  • Returned Item to Partner: your library has returned the item to the lending library, but they have yet to receive it back
  • Lost Communicated: the item has been declared lost, and this has been communicated to the lending library

Turning Off Borrowing: You can turn off borrowing at your library if your library will be closed for an extended period.  Instructions on how to do that 

Borrowing Loan Periods: All lenders are obligated to assign lending due dates in accordance with the SUNY Libraries Consortium Network Zone Loan Periods Policy.  However, borrowers are not obligated to provide the full lending loan period to their users.  Borrowers may shorten the loan period for resource sharing items however they see fit.

Resource Sharing - Borrowing Workflow Details (Loans)

Resource Sharing - Borrowing Workflow Details (Articles)

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