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Alma Search and Navigation

Where is it and how do I find it?

Introduction to Alma

In Alma, search is often the first step in any activity. You find a record then act on it - whether it's to update a bib record's cataloging, edit an item record, work with an order or invoice record, loan to a user record, etc.

There are three types of search in Alma:

  • Basic search with the persistent search bar
  • Advanced search with the persistent search bar
  • Page- or list-search using an on-page search box

Each type of search works in a similar way, but with different options and possibly a different scope. This guide introduces you to all three, and offers tips and tricks for each.

Navigation in Alma is when you use the menus, buttons/icons, on-screen links, and drop-down options to navigate from record to record or results list to record. The Alma interface is a website, and these all work as you'd expect them to on a website.

Search Training Videos

Search & Navigation FAQs