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Alma Sets and Jobs

Creating and working with sets and running jobs in Alma.

About Itemized Sets

Itemized sets are static lists of records, where each member of the set is added individually somehow.

To create an itemized set:

  1. Go to Admin >> Manage Sets >> Add Set >> Itemized
  2. Add the Set Details, including choosing the Record Type
  3. Add members to the set:
    • Individually, by searching for them and clicking a box to add them
    • By uploading a file of unique identifiers (barcodes, MMSIDs, POL number, etc.) that Alma will use to populate your set
  4. Click Save

You can also create an itemized set from the results of a logical query - see the box below for more on this.

To see the members of a set:

  1. Go to Admin >> Manage Sets
  2. Find the set name in the list
  3. Click on the ellipsis and select Members


Uses of Itemized Sets

Itemized sets are used for:

  • Running jobs on a specific set of records, such as Withdrawing Items by barcode or Updating POL status
  • Lists of records it would be impossible to find using a single search query (no matter how well-crafted)


Itemizing a Logical Set

To itemize a logical set:

  1. Save your query or create your logical set
  2. Go to Admin >> Manage sets and find the set in the list
  3. Click on the ellipsis and then Itemize
  4. Alma will run a job that itemizes the current results of that set.
  5. You can now review the members of the itemized set and remove or add members as needed.

Itemizing a logical set is especially useful if you want to run a job on a set that will change a parameter that you used to find the records to add to the set - such as materials that did not have a note before the job and now do. Your logical set would be empty, if your search criteria included Is Empty for the note field. :) If you itemize the set before you run the job, you can easily see all the records affected by the set and review the changes that were made by the job.