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Alma Sets and Jobs

Creating and working with sets and running jobs in Alma.

Introduction to Jobs in Alma

Jobs are used to make batch changes or updates to records in Alma. They typically act on sets of records - either logical or itemized - and are managed under the Admin menu.

The ability to run jobs is tied to your user roles and permissions. If you go to Admin >> Run a Job, you will only see the jobs that you have permission to run. If you don't see a job that you need to do your work, please let your Alma manager or Institutional Lead know to update your permissions.

Running a Job

Running a job is very straightforward:

  1. Create the set or identify the records you want to run the job on
  2. Go to Admin >> Run a Job
  3. Select the job you want to run, then click on Next
  4. Select the set you created and click Next
  5. Select the parameters or fields you want to change for all records in the set
  6. When you are finished filling out the form, click Next
  7. Change the job name so you can easily find your job in the list of running or completed jobs
  8. Click Submit, then Confirm

The biggest challenge is understanding the parameters that the job will change (and potential unintended consequences) and creating the set. Running the job itself is easy.

Incredibly Useful Jobs

These jobs are particularly useful for Alma record management:

  • Withdraw Items
  • Change Physical Items
  • Batch Work Order
  • Update PO Lines Information
  • Change PO Lines Status
  • Update PO Lines Workflow
  • Normalization rules for bibs or holdings
  • Import Profiles for Bibs/Holdings/Items/Portfolios/Orders