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Alma Sets and Jobs

Creating and working with sets and running jobs in Alma.

About Logical Sets

Logical sets consist of the saved results of a search query - either a basic or advanced search. Creating a logical set allows you to re-run the same query for the current set of results without having to recreate the query.

To create a logical set:

  • Run either a basic or advanced search, then click on Save Query and add the set details
  • Go to Manage Sets, click on Add Set then Logical, add the set details, and then run the query

Uses of Logical Sets

Logical sets are used to:

  • Periodically review records that currently meet those criteria, including:
    • Materials missing a critical field due to human or vendor error, such as physical items without barcodes or bib records with the wrong material or resource type
    • Current materials that meet the needs of a faculty member or researcher
    • Orders being placed for a particular bequest or other not-easily-findable grouping
  • Catch most of the records needed for a job. The set can then be itemized or exported and reviewed to create the final list for the job.